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2003 September

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Making it known...
09.28.03 (6:55 pm)   [edit]
Man its been so long since I typed a blog it feels almost foreign. It's not like any of you people know me so you'll be strong its not like you're ever gonna get to know me I just been a little space where I can sit and put my thoughts because most of the time I'm too lazy to actually pull out my journal and sit and think + I'm one of those few people that think better at the computer. Don't know why I just do.

I have nothing to do at the present moment. My mom has been naggin me all day about cleaning which is really getting on my nerves. I am like so ready to "reach back like a pimp and slap the ho".

I want to go shopping so bad but because of my dues for my sorority/ community service organization and the battle of the bands approaching funds are quite limited and I'm not the type to go out and get a job cause that would be "too much like right" so I shall be broke and pimping the parental units if they keep playing I will be running away from my mothers to my fathers or hell to someplace far from here. Go out to Cali find me some foster parents and start over.

I'm bored and have nothing more to say so I'm about to surf ticketmaster.com and call it a night.